The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has granted Concentric with a Trademark Certification Approval for the digitalroadmap® process.


A digitalroadmap® is a strategic digital business plan for your Internet based activities.

Concentric is the inventor and trademark holder of the digitalroadmap® - our proven process that aligns your online business, marketing and advertising ambitions with both points of opportunity and challenge.

Every digitalroadmap® is unique and outlines how your online resources will create value and revenue for your business. It sets you on your way to digital success.

Your digitalroadmap® is customized to meet your objectives and deliverables both internally and externally. A digitalroadmap® will assist in assessing your current environment, goal setting, mapping options to consider, collaboratively review choices, and deliver final recommendations to meet your business targets.

Receive the benefit of working with a digitalroadmap® framework - for innovative planning, executing and optimizing how to best spend your digital dollars.

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