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  • By Joe Wozny
  • 14 Feb, 2017

All companies jump into the world of digital marketing with strong expectations to get the most out of their advertising and marketing activities. The “jumping” step is important as it signals intent. And supporting this intent through a digital strategy is the next necessary step in the process of maximizing the effectiveness for digital marketing programs and actions.  

The reasoning for a digital strategy is simple. Like any successful business project, digital marketing demands a wholesome strategy and cohesive planning. In fact, that’s why you see business and government, on mass, adopting digitalroadmaps ® for any number of their activities.

There’s a number of ways to plan strategy and ways to be strategic with your digital marketing budget. Chapter 9 of The Digital Dollar book is good starting point. It provides a process to follow when creating your strategy and identifies outcomes that every strategy should include. 

To help you with your strategy decisions, reference articles are included below. They speak to the broad topic of digital strategy and the many different dimensions of strategy to consider. Click on each “blue title”  (below) to read the article.

This articles speaks to how a strategy can produce a huge advantage over your competition and build sustainable competitive advantages … which is something every business has an interest in.  

This article speaks to why the direction a strategy provides is important, how you will connect better with your audience, how you can track progress and therefore ROI.

Want to know what “strategy” is and why should you care, then read this.  A favourite part of the article is what you can do about a lack of strategy and how deciding on what to measure is a key element in moving forward and being successful.

This Forbes article and survey makes you think about budgeting, what are your goals for digital marketing, how you want to grow your business and how any current products you may have deployed are performing.

Bottom Line: Think strategically on digital   marketing investments. There’s a plethora of activities to select from. And focusing on two or three activities is guaranteed to produce a better outcome than “ready, fire, aim”.

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For business people, it’s important to keep up with the latest news and changes on LinkedIn. It’s one of the premier business social networks to share knowledge, connect with business colleagues and clients, develop new business opportunities and more. LinkedIn updated their desktop layout in January 2017 … and now after a few months of member input, the feature changes appear to be permanent and will soon apply to all accounts.

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Imagine having access to a large plethora of actual data on how visitors react to landing pages? This information could save you time and contribute value for your digital marketing conversion activities.

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The Internet has forever changed how retail businesses operate and how consumers shop. I enjoyed this infograph and wanted to share it with you since the stats are well researched and the impact offline to retail is quite astounding. Looking forward to new advertising tools that will allow retailers to track instore visits from an ad click as discussed in the Spring edition of Digital Dollars and Sense . Full credits to the infograph’s publisher and creators are provided below.

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Believe it or not, any reason we engage with content boils down to one simple motivation: filling a need.

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