Most Effective Pay Per Click Channels

  • By Joe Wozny
  • 06 Oct, 2016
Most Effective Pay Per Click Channel Image from Concentric

With the State of PPC, Hanapin Marketing’s looked under the hood of advertising’s fastest-growing industry to find out what makes it tick. This year, hundreds of marketing professionals—both influencers and decision makers from a variety of brands and digital marketing agencies—completed the Hanapin survey and collectively reached some very clear conclusions including:

  • Proven ad channels, like Text Ads, Mobile, and Remarketing continue to gain steam, with Social Advertising, particularly in Facebook, following closely behind.

  • Programmatic is proving to be not as popular a choice for advertisers, nor is it a very effective channel for those that are using it.

  • CPC pricing has remained much the same, but with an increase in conversions, social is becoming a popular choice for advertisers.

Our Synopsis:    This report confirmed many of the items the Concentric team has experienced when managing and optimizing paid advertising programs for our clients:

  • Some 86% of respondents say text PPC ads have been an effective marketing channel for their business this year.
  • Remarketing units rank second (65% say they have been effective), followed by mobile (56%), social (42%), shopping (31%), and display (21%).
  • Some 83% of respondents say they feel good or very good about their PPC success this year; 11% say their efforts have been fair, 6% say poor, and 1% very poor.
  • Two-thirds (68%) of respondents say they feel better about the PPC advertising market this year vs. last year.
  • Campaigns do convert to new business and conversions are starting to come from mobile ads.
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By Alex Wozny 17 May, 2017

From Google’s reliance on artificial intelligence to the much-awaited Google Penguin, the SEO landscape has seen a lot of developments. Our perspective of the top trends and shifts include:

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Chatbots. We’ve all heard of them. But if you are like most busy people, we’ve given little thought to them. According to Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella “Bots are the new Apps”. And cases for where bots are starting to be used “effectively” to make online interactions easier for customers, are appearing.

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Instagram Stories ads are now available to all businesses looking to reach the 150 million people who use Stories daily.

By Joe Wozny 02 May, 2017
User Experience, Dwell Time, Long Clicks, Time on Site, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, Digital Transformation, RankBrain …
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Over the past year the SEO industry is observing a change in how pages are ranked by Google’s core algorithm (including Google’s RankBrain machine learning elements). It appears that pages which have high visitor engagement are rewarded with higher search rankings.  

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For business people, it’s important to keep up with the latest news and changes on LinkedIn. It’s one of the premier business social networks to share knowledge, connect with business colleagues and clients, develop new business opportunities and more. LinkedIn updated their desktop layout in January 2017 … and now after a few months of member input, the feature changes appear to be permanent and will soon apply to all accounts.

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Imagine having access to a large plethora of actual data on how visitors react to landing pages? This information could save you time and contribute value for your digital marketing conversion activities.

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Digital transformation and it’s impact on marketing and sales in your business is important.   This article, (and these practical 3 Steps) share practical methods of supporting digital transformation by creating a “marketing value loop” for your company.
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Are you getting a measurable ROI for from your dollars spent on digital marketing? Well, as reported on Entrepreneur, there's companies in 5 industries are reporting returns of at least $5 in revenue for every $1 spent on digital marketing (March 2017). Incredible and fantastic!
By Joe Wozny 14 Feb, 2017

The Internet has forever changed how retail businesses operate and how consumers shop. I enjoyed this infograph and wanted to share it with you since the stats are well researched and the impact offline to retail is quite astounding. Looking forward to new advertising tools that will allow retailers to track instore visits from an ad click as discussed in the Spring edition of Digital Dollars and Sense . Full credits to the infograph’s publisher and creators are provided below.

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