High ROIs for Digital Marketing Efforts

  • By Joe Wozny
  • 03 Mar, 2017

From 5 Different Industries

Are you getting a measurable ROI for from your dollars spent on digital marketing? Well, as reported on Entrepreneur, there's companies in 5 industries are reporting returns of at least $5 in revenue for every $1 spent on digital marketing (March 2017). Incredible and fantastic!
The five industries are Law, Auto, Food, Entertainment and Health Care.  .... And the activities they are undertaking to produce 5 to 1 ROI "numbers" appear to be natural extensions of activities traditionally conducted offline, for some time.  Here's a quick summary:
Law firms  are standing out in blogging and in providing explanatory content. There's plenty of people researching legal information, and law firms who share some of their knowledge, are driving leads to their door.  
The Auto industry is finding success in digital advertising. Through digital advertising they are  able to segment their advertising and/or communications to different target audiences and deliver the appropriate content at the right time along the consideration and purchase cycle . 
The Food industry  from Cooking Shows to Food Manufacturers social networks and advertising on services like Instagram are driving food interest. These campaigns have created a high degree of direct customer engagement, a large volume of content is relatively easy to create and this content ties directly to their target market's emotional connection to food.
In Health Care  informational content is "king" ... or "queen" ... depending on your perspective. Standing out by providing websites with great informational content and reference links helps patients become more knowledgable and creates loyalty and trust . 
The Entertainment industry  has a large consumer following (we love movies), plus a strong tie to entertainment (movies, tv, gaming ...) as a social activity.  A large number of consumers love social media and social media sharing. It's natural for the entertainment industry to  share information too - from photos, trailers, behind the scenes looks, even live videos ... and it's a great place to encourage target viewership to  “watch this movie, find out about programming, understand how it works, etc.".
Bottom Line:   What's a natural extension for your brand?  Can digital support this extension to help you with your marketing goals. If you can, try and quantify the ROI of digital marketing programs. If you can't check your digital marketing strategy to see how you have defined and planned to do this.  No strategy ... plan for one immediately in 2017.  This blog may be helpful with your planning.
Joe is a digital thought leader, strategist, author, blogger and CEO of Concentric. Visit joewozny.com and/or concentricis.com for more.


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